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Starting a Tax Preparation Business

We are seeking individuals who truly want to be in the tax business and are willing to dedicate the time necessary to succeed.

America‘s Tax Office is a one-stop-shop tax office set-up, support, and marketing firm. We offer everything you need to get your tax business up and running for the least amount of money in the shortest period of time. Through us, you will be able to offer the same products and services with the look and feel of a national tax chain. Plus, we guarantee our revenue sharing percentage will remain significantly lower than our direct competitors. Let us set you up with your own tax business today!

America’s Tax Office is interested in helping you succeed. The following benefits are just a small sample of what our tax preparation services can do to get you on the road to owning your own tax business!

  • 80/20 Revenue Split vs. 50/50 Split of our Competitors
  • Low Start-Up Costs
  • No Tax Preparation Experience Required
  • No Accounting Experience Necessary
  • No College Degree Required
  • Your Credit Score Does Not Matter

For additional assistance, you will be assigned a Personal Coach who will tell you exactly what to do, step-by-step, to be successful. This eliminates any uncertainties in your decisions, and prevents you from needing to guess on important details. We offer a variety of tax franchise packages to help you get started. We will stay right by your side throughout the tax season, 24/7 each and every day, ready to answer any of your questions or concerns.


We have the best professional tax software available. Our software is “on the cloud” making it accessible from anywhere. You can even prepare returns from a smartphone or tablet pc. It is very user friendly and easy to learn. The program is “interview mode” driven so you will never see a tax form. Should you need help, our IT and tax professionals will be only a telehpone call away and can immediately access the return you are working on from our office in Indianapolis without the necessitiy of a screen share.. Read More

IRS Registration

We’ll help you with:

  • Preparer’s Tax Identification Number
  • Electronic Filing Identification Number
  • Registered Tax Preparer Competency Test
  • Continuing Tax Education

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We will train you one-on-one. You will not be forced into a cattle call. One of our trainers will call you on the telephone and remotely access your computer over the internet. You will be walked through the software step-by-step and permitted to ask questions and get answers on the spot. You will be given the time and attention required for you to learn the software. Further, on a secure section of our web site, we will have detailed training videos, practice returns, and other training tools you can review at your convenience. Also, you can follow-up with your trainer or a member of our staff whenever you need additional help. Read More

Site Selection

The wrong location will result in the complete failure of your tax business. Based on tax office, zip code-specific data, we know the best places to locate a tax office, and your Personal Coach will do a Market Analysis and share that information with you. As we stated in our mission statement, our first aim is to make you money. Accordingly, we will identify only those things (computers, equipment, furniture, etc.) absolutely necessary to make your business profitable. And, we will help you acquire those essential items at the least cost. Read More


Bank Products

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Tax Preparation Business

In order to be competitive, you must be able to deliver the customer’s tax refund quickly. With us, you can print checks on-site or have the customer’s refund applied to a debit card you issue them. Do not worry about bank approval.
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Tax Preparation Business

This business is more about location and marketing than it will ever be about taxes. The software is so easy to use tax preparation can be done by anyone. The hard part is getting customers to your retail location to pay you to prepare their tax returns. Fortunately, we know exactly what to do… Read More


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Tax Preparation Business

Support is very important to profitability. Quite simply, without proper support you will lose money. Murphy’s Law teaches ultimately something will go wrong. As such, in the spirit of the Boy Scouts, we must be prepared. We stand behind you with a staff of IT and tax experts ready to assist you in real-time… Read More


Since my first conversation with Chip regarding ATO, I’ve had confidence that Chip genuinely wanted to help me succeed in this venture. I got into the tax preparation business with two goals in mind: to add to my financial services client base while at the same time bringing in additional revenue. My goals have been realized. The service and support has been without parallel. Any problems that arose were quickly solved with one-on-one service by ATO’s staff.
In these uncertain times, most future developments in the business world are cloudy, but I am certain that I will continue my relationship with America’s Tax Office.

Bruce Chadwick, America’s Tax Office Affiliate, Bella Vista, Arkansas be_chadwick@yahoo.com