About America’s Tax Office

Corporate Structure & Footprint
America’s Tax Office has over 200 offices in forty(40) states and the District of Columbia.


Chip Moss, C.E.O.
Chip received his B.A. in Political Science from Howard University in Washington, D.C. and J.D. from Indiana University Maurer School of Law in Bloomington, Indiana. Chip practiced criminal defense and personal injury trial law for nearly a decade, was an Adjunct Professor at National and Med Tech Colleges in Indianapolis, Indiana, and, most recently, was the VP of Sales for a national tax office company. Chip has owned and operated a retail tax office and has been involved in the creation and marketing of several hundred tax offices across America. Chip is an expert in drafting the specific language needed to advance any marketing campaign whether print, radio, TV, or the like. He has extensive experience in all areas of tax office development including but not limited to retail location analysis, office set-up, and marketing.

ATO’S History

We started ATO because we saw a clear need and opportunity to help people who cannot afford an expensive franchise to start their own tax business. We observed national tax franchises require an enormous up-front investment before any money is made. To us, that does not make sense. We also learned, through experience, other competitors require a smaller up-front investment but charge outrageous revenue sharing such as 50% of gross receipts. We know this is greedy and does not give the tax entrepreneur a meaningful chance to earn a living.

ATO’S Mission

Accordingly, we have decided our business goal is to do all we can to help entrepreneurs start, market, manage, and consequently, make a year-round living by working only during the tax season from a tax office through a variety of tax preparation services . We know that if we, first, position the entrepreneur to make money, we will also succeed. As such, our tax preparation entry fees will always be very low, and we guarantee our revenue sharing will remain significantly less than our direct competitors. Under this model, we are firmly confident our Affiliates will prosper and come back to us year after year. In this way, together, we will build the most successful national network of independently owned tax offices operating under one flag.