Developer Package

Developer Package

Start a Tax Franchise - ATO AREA DEVELOPER Package

  • 80/20 split; PTIN and EFIN REQUIRED
  • Additional Revenue Streams:
    • (1) Year-round, Front- End commissions from Entry Fees paid by Sub-Affiliates
    • (2) Tax Prep Revenue Sharing Plan from the Tax Prep generated by Sub-Affiliates during tax season


This package is for the tax entrepreneur who has a proven record of success in operating a tax office and, consequently, has the practical experience and knowledge necessary to train others to open and market successful tax offices. An ATO Area Developer (“AD”), will be rewarded by earning additional revenue from commissions for new offices sold (year-round) and a share of the tax preparation revenue of its Sub-Affiliates (passive income during tax season).

At ATO, we believe in the maxim “each one-teach one.” We have learned, through experience, the most successful tax offices are developed, over time, with counsel from those who have succeeded. As such, we created the ATO Area Developer Package (“AD”) to empower experienced tax entrepreneurs to expand their local footprints and earn additional revenue, year-round and during the traditional tax season, without the necessity and considerable expense of opening additional locations.

This is what an “AD” can earn: AD can generate two streams of income in addition to revenue from his tax office through (1) up-front commissions on Entry Fees from new Sub-Affiliates sold and (2) by sharing in the tax preparation revenue generated from AD’s Sub-Affiliate offices.

This is how it will work: ATO will assign AD a specific “Farm Area” within a given city. AD will identify prospects who desire to start tax offices within the “Farm Area.” ATO will provide a Marketing Starter Kit complete with brochures and other helpful sales tools. Each contract and sale will be processed through ATO and AD will be paid a commission on the spot. Thereafter, it becomes AD’s duty to train the Sub-Affiliate in every respect with particular emphasis on how to successfully market the Sub-Affiliate’s tax office. For this, AD will earn a percentage of the Sub-Affiliates tax preparation revenue. AD will receive his share of the tax preparation revenue from his Sub-Affiliate offices weekly throughout tax season along with the revenue deposits from his tax office as the returns fund. AD will be responsible for insuring that any and all Sub-Affiliates have obtained the necessary registrations and training.

Call today to learn more about how you can start generating revenue NOW before tax season even begins!

  • Professional Tax Software, all 50 states, and back years upon request
  • Tax Preparer Training on Professional Tax Software
  • Year-Round, Live-Person Support
  • Additional Tax Preparation Revenue, during Tax Season, via Sub-Affiliates as an ATO Area Developer
  • Additional Year-Round Revenue, paid on the spot, as an ATO Authorized Reseller via Commissions
  • Additional Revenue Stream through: ATO Tax Debt Negotiation Service
  • Bank Products whereby Affiliate can Print Checks and Issue Debit Cards On-Site
  • Personal Coach
  • Marketing Strategy and Plan
  • Market Analysis Report
  • Site Selection and Lease Negotiation
  • Branded and Customizable Marketing Materials available for purchase (templates gratis)
  • Radio & TV Ads can be produced. Additional costs may apply
  • Electronic Record Storage
  • One Touch English to Spanish Conversion

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