Should You Become a Tax Professional?


Most Americans dread having to file their taxes. For many, the tax return preparation process is nerve-racking and confusing. So, they hire a professional tax preparer to file their tax return for them. If you’re someone who enjoys working with people and numbers, you should consider becoming a professional tax preparer. The tax preparation business is booming, given the number of people who require assistance with this annual task.

If you wish to start your own business, becoming a tax professional is a viable option. You have the flexibility of setting your own schedule and work hours. And, the more time you put into mastering the business, the more money you can make down the road. Many people also work as seasonal tax preparers, meaning they just work from January through April to file their clients’ tax returns. Seasonal preparers include students, stay-at-home parents and retirees who have financial skills and wish to earn some extra money. Some seasonal preparers work other jobs during the rest of the year, while others only need to work a few months and can earn enough of a salary to live on within that short time span.

While there are no special skillsets or education requirements for the job, tax preparers have to be meticulous and thorough. As a tax preparer, it’s your job to fill out tax return forms for your client. You’ll have to go through all their financial records and minimize their tax debt by including all their possible deductions. You’ll also have access to your client’s valuable personal and financial information, so you must be trustworthy. Tax professionals are skilled at basic math and navigating software programs and provide great customer service to their clients.

Unlike other financial careers, if you choose to become a tax preparer, you can get started on your career almost immediately. You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars to earn a college degree, or to spend countless years getting certified. You can become a tax professional with the help of America’s Tax Office. ATO offers one-on-one training and other valuable resources to help you achieve your goals. You’ll receive top-notch support, tax software and marketing tools to succeed in your new career. You can become a tax professional right now and on your own time. So, what are you waiting for? Get a jump start on your new career with America’s Tax Office today!

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