Overcoming the Obstacles of Starting Your Own Tax Business


Every small business owner started with an idea or desire to become their own boss. However, once that initial decision to break free from their current course was made, the real work began. They had to come up with a business plan, establish financing for the business, learn more about the industry and the intangibles that come with being a business owner, create a marketing strategy, and focus on so many other concerns.


Given this, it's understandable that business owners could have some internal obstacles as well when addressing those aforementioned external factors. In a blog post for Entrepreneur, Paige Brown, CEO of Dashbell, described three common obstacles entrepreneurs face when starting a business. Perfectionism, fear, and worry can all affect how an owner runs his or her business.


Avoiding the Obstacles of Starting Your Own Tax Business with America's Tax Office


If you're thinking about starting your own tax business, these potential obstacles will be there, which could hinder how quickly you get your business off the ground and whether or not you'll be successful. In many circumstances, those who have attempted to start their own tax business have failed because of start-up fees, a slow learning curve, and failure to reach a targeted audience. These circumstances could create those internal obstacles that lead to an entrepreneur giving up.


However, at America's Tax Office, we want you to live your dream of becoming your own boss and succeeding in a competitive market with so much upside. This is why our business principle is to make owning your tax franchise affordable and eliminate those astronomical revenue sharing agreements that mitigate business growth. It's just good business. When our affiliates are successful, the America's Tax Office brand is successful as well.


Therefore, we offer several affordable packages to get your business off the ground. The only thing you'll need to do on your own is find a location, but we can help you pinpoint a site and provide tips on negotiating a lease. Our packages include assistance with applying for your PTIN and EFIN and other parts of IRS registration, user-friendly tax filing software, tax preparation training, basic support on marketing and advertising your business, bank products for giving refunds to customers, and more.


Whatever your goals for starting your own tax business, we have a package that will help you meet your goals and avoid the initial and ongoing obstacles that can come from being your own boss. Contact us today to learn more.

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