Should You Start a Tax Prep Business?

Image of clients at a tax prep business

Who doesn't love making a little extra money? For most of us, the idea of having extra income has a certain appeal. It's a way to boost your finances and build something you're proud of, without necessarily leaving the safety of a full-time job. For others, it's the start of creating a business and eventually working only for yourself. In both of these instances, a tax prep business can be the ideal way to go.

A tax prep business isn't for everyone. Obviously, you'll need to have a sense of patience in dealing with forms, numbers, and IRS rules. However, while the thought of tax preparation sends some people into a cold sweat, to others it's a simple matter of checking all the right boxes—and figuring it all out can even be a fun puzzle to solve. If that sounds like your kind of work, then starting your own tax preparation service could be an easy, and lucrative, business.

An ideal business

There are many advantages to a tax preparation business. For one thing, it's relatively easy to get started. Sure, you will need the training that we offer with your franchise purchase at America's Tax Office but, aside from that, all you really need is the determination to succeed. Similarly, registering with the IRS to act as an official tax preparer is a simple and straightforward process. You can be ready to go in no time!

Another advantage is that there is little overhead. America's Tax Office works to help you become as profitable as possible, at minimal cost. We'll help you choose an appropriate and affordable location, make recommendations to help you market the business to greatest effect for your area, and assist you in stocking your office with necessary items without getting extravagant.

However, the biggest perk of starting a tax prep service is the nature of the industry: there's no shortage of customers. Individuals and businesses alike all have taxes and related matters that they need sorted out by professionals. Even with the rise of online programs, many people still hate handling taxes themselves.

The right kind of person

The ideal tax preparer is someone who likes to take their time and do things right. If you're able to read and follow rules, you have the main skills necessary to prepare taxes professionally – all you really need after that is the will to take the next step to improve your life and career.

Running a tax prep business isn't right for everyone, but if you want a flexible, lucrative opportunity that gets you up and running quickly, it's an excellent choice.

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