Thinking of Opening a Tax Franchise? Read Real Life Success Stories

Entrepreneurs are praising America's Tax Office as a new and exciting business opportunity where you can become a successful tax preparer from within the confines of your own home office. You don't a college degree or perfect credit to enjoy the entrepreneurial lifestyle. If you have a desire to succeed, ATO will help reach your dream of owning your own business and all the benefits that come with it. While starting a tax preparation business takes time and hard work, ATO is here to help to ensure you never struggle with setting up your own business. At ATO, you'll receive access to highly trained professionals that will assist you with:image

  • IRS Registration
  • Tax Software and Training Support
  • Office Setup
  • Marketing
  • And more

Below are a few client testimonials that share real life success stories as affiliates of America's Tax Office.

"My experience with America's Tax Office being an affiliate has been amazing. It was definitely a great opportunity for me and my family. I made more money in January through March than I made all year last year so I'm definitely excited to see all the great things that the company has in store for me and my business. If you're thinking about adding a line of business or starting your own tax company, America's Tax Office is definitely the place to franchise it."
-Lashanda Love of Camden, Arkansas

"First off, let me say that it's been another good year; I've done this for about four years now with America's Tax Office. I've always had great support. The software especially is easy to use, the support from the people in the Support Department in North Carolina is always good to call and get answers. They'll help you with any problems you might have to get to your ultimate objective which is to finish a good, solid tax return for your client and get them the most money that they deserve as a refund or lower their tax bill – either way. So essentially, all the staff has been very helpful and more than adequate which is why I'm still around after four years."
-Bruce Chadwick of Bentonville, Arkansas

"As a business owner, owning several businesses, this has been the best business I have ever been in. It has been an awesome experience and I have learned a lot. They walked me through the entire process – not only did they walk me through the entire process, I had a 24 hour support system that was available to me and my team the entire tax season. It has just been truly amazing. I can't wait until next year! I'm getting a jump start on it early. It has been a true blessing for me and my daughter and I recommend this opportunity for anyone. It's an opportunity that just showed up for me and it's just truly been a blessing. An opportunity of a lifetime."
-Shaunda Beatty of Douglasville, Georgia

If you're looking for the opportunity to be your own boss, along with independence and success that comes with entrepreneurship, America's Tax Office is right for you. NOW is the time to reach out and get started for the upcoming tax season. Contact us at 877.775.1040.


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