The Top 5 Reasons to Consider Becoming a Tax Professional…Today!

As we approach the conclusion of yet another tax season, at America's Tax Office, we look ahead to the exciting opportunities available to those interested in joining the tax profession. Given the ample time available for preparation, spring is an ideal season to begin pursuing a career as a tax professional. But just what makes a career in tax preparation so appealing in the first place? Consider the following.

become a tax professional

Be Your Own Boss

One of the most advantageous aspects of becoming a tax professional is the sense of independence and freedom that accompanies the job. Set your own hours, work from your home office, and determine which clients you work with and how many you see on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. As a tax professional, you dictate the terms of your employment and gain a genuine sense of entrepreneurship. For many stuck in the daily grind of corporate America, this type of work environment can offer a much needed change of pace.

Starting is Easy

You don't have to be an accountant or financial guru to become a tax professional. We also don't impose other limitations like the requirement of a college degree or a credit report. Rather, we're looking for individuals that are passionate, motivated, and have a willingness to learn. So regardless of your previous career path, working in the tax preparation industry is truly a viable option. We also make joining easy by offering incredibly low startup fees.

Access Resources and Support

As a professional with America's Tax Office, you never have to go it alone. We help our new professionals by providing personalized training, guidance for acquiring proper certifications, access to valuable tax preparation software, and the use of professional marketing materials. We're also always available to answer questions and offer assistance at any time. We understand that not all of our tax professionals enter the business as financial experts, which is why we've made it a priority to offer guidance each step of the way.

Every Year's a Good Year for Business

The tax preparation industry maintains a strong job outlook because, as we know, everyone is required by law to file their taxes. We can think of few other industries that provide such a high level of job security. As the government continues to adjust tax requirements and filing taxes increases in complexity, more and more Americans are turning to tax professionals for assistance.

A High Level of Satisfaction

It's no secret that everyone seeks a satisfying career, and many tax professionals are surprised to find that tax preparation is actually far more satisfying than they could have imagined. Aside from the freedoms of self-employment, tax professionals get the opportunity to build relationships with their clients and provide a truly valuable service. How many careers can offer that?

Begin your path to becoming a tax professional by contacting us at America's Tax Office today.

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